Anxiety Treatment

We can help you recognize the cause of your anxiety, and develop skills to find more stability

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Do You Wish You Could Let Go of Painful Anxiety and Live a Peaceful Life?

Are you constantly finding yourself regretting the past and worrying about the future?


Anxiety can feel debilitating as it often prevents you from truly living your life. You may feel so isolated and disconnected from your experiences. Worry and fear may become an ongoing cycle that’s exhausting as you never find a place to rest. Your nervous system’s fight and flight responses may always be “on” and operating on high voltage. Impulsivity, fragmentation and chaos may take control of your life. Sometimes, you may not realize you are constantly experiencing high levels of anxiety because you get used to feeling uncomfortable. As overwhelming anxiety becomes more familiar, you may believe you will never have peace in your life.

Many Of Us Suffer From Anxiety

Forty percent of adults suffer from anxiety. In our society, it’s common to feel stressed about productivity, performance or being perfect. We live in a very competitive culture and when we compare ourselves to others, it can make us feel inadequate. One moment we may feel good about who we are, but trying to maintain this feeling often causes high stress levels. Sometimes stress is rooted in trauma, a significant loss, divorce, a recent move or childhood abuse.
The good news is that you can overcome racing thoughts and overwhelming emotions with anxiety treatment and a somatic and mindful approach.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Peace

During anxiety treatment sessions, we will work together to determine what approach best meets your needs. Often, working with a combination or one of these various therapy services like EMDR Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness techniques and Somatic Experiencing® helps to alleviate your anxiety symptoms
Even though you may feel anxious and overwhelmed right now, there is hope to live a peaceful and resilient life.

You may be interested in anxiety treatment but still have a few questions and concerns…

Why is it important to listen to the body? Isn’t anxiety in my mind?
Yes, anxiety is in the mind, experienced through our emotions and felt in our body. Anxiety is often expressed through our body as bound up energy. It leaves you feeling irritated or edgy and can also be accompanied by physiological symptoms such as panic attacks, stomachaches, back pain and headaches. When you begin to listen to your body, you can facilitate the integration of the mind/body connection.


I’m concerned that you will think what I’m anxious about is something I shouldn’t be. Are you going to tell me to forget about my issues?


I maintain a nonjudgmental, safe and validating environment in our sessions so you can feel as comfortable as possible throughout the healing process. Together, we will explore them so we can understand what triggers your anxiety as well as how emotions and thought patterns may exacerbate your symptoms. We will deeply listen to what thoughts arise, what emotions you feel and what physical sensations you experience when you feel anxious. As we listen, you will understand your internal process more. Through this experience, you can feel resilient when anxiety arises in the future. You will be able to feel it, identify it and work with this energy before it becomes overwhelming.


Does anxiety treatment mean I have to take medication?


You will not need to take any medication unless you are interested in seeing whether an anti-anxiety medication could be helpful. If this is something you’d like to explore, We can refer you to a qualified psychiatrist to discuss your options. However, our anxiety treatment sessions can teach you many highly effective, holistic approaches to feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

Befriend the Mind and Listen To Your Body. Find your Inner Peace.

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” ​

— Charles Spurgeon