10 best ways to get through the holidays.

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The holiday season often brings joy to most people, not for everyone, a significant number of people get down and feel stressed during holidays. The reasons are plenty. There are many factors that can trigger stress, agitation, down and out, dreaded bad feelings ranging from remembering the loved ones, a bad experience during the holidays, […]

3 Techniques To Develop Your Compassion.

3 Techniques To Develop Your Compassion.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama. In order to understand the importance of compassion in a person’s life it is important to know what compassion is? Compassion is a powerful moral emotion—it moves us to care for the suffering of others, […]

The stress response and anxiety

The stress response and anxiety

Stress is an inevitable fact of life. Stress and anxiety are part of being human, although they are helpful in getting one out of extreme situations where a fight-or-flight response is necessary for our survival, but both can be problems if they last for a long time or have an impact on our well-being or […]

The Neuroscience of Empathy and Compassion

The Neuroscience of Empathy and Compassion

Why when we see someone in pain, it somehow causes us pain as well? Empathy and compassion are two feelings that are invoked when we see the suffering and misfortune of another. The moment we are born, we interact with our social environment. “Empathy is really important for understanding others’ emotions very deeply, but there […]

How we can work with stress

The stress response and anxiety

I was listening to Tara Brach’s podcast about stress. She talks about how stress has a non-stop quality of feeling a constant pressure to always be on the go. Stress triggers anxiety, and the fears that go along with it. We worry, become agitated, avoid or deny what we find painful or run towards something […]

Self-Regulation is a part of Self-Care!

Self Regulation/Self Care

I was coming home for a wonderful vacation with my son when I started not feeling so well two days before we were leaving. We boarded the second leg of the three-leg plane trip home, and four hours into the flight the situation grew worse. I was in so much pain. It felt like I […]

What is Aversive Judgement and Four Ways to Work with it

When we can’t feel love or connection, and instead find ourselves in a place where we’re feeling lonely, isolated and disconnected, we may tend to ask ourselves what’s wrong with me? We so often hear those voices in our head that say, “If I was really a good person, my life would be different”, or […]

Working with Self-Doubt

Self Doubt

We’ve all experienced many moments of self-doubt, it’s universal. Some of us may feel it more then others but we all suffer from it. Tara Brach has a helpful podcast about Self-doubt, which you can download by going to her website, Tarabrach.com. We can recognize self-doubt in many ways. It can sound like the negative […]

Letting Go of Resistance

Letting Go

I was reading “A Fearless Heart”, written by Thupten Jinpa, Ph D. I highly recommend it for those of us who would like to know more about compassion, and how to integrate this practice into our daily lives. Thupten Jinpa was a former Tibetan Monk who holds a PH D. from the University of Cambridge […]

Four ways to find peace when we’re in conflict.

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Sometimes it’s so difficult to feel good about ourselves after we’ve been involved in situations where we’ve said something out of anger, or felt trapped and shutdown. We may have acted out, behaved badly, or even felt frozen, not knowing what to do. How do we move from that place of feeling badly about ourselves, […]