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Is it time to consider doing things differently?​​

Does your relationship seem to be spiraling downward regardless of what you do? Have you been feeling distant, isolated, or even alone in your relationship? Maybe there are resentments or irreconcilable pain with your partner or within yourself? Or perhaps things have become somewhat boring or lifeless.

Relationships evolve, and go through phases, just as we do at different points in our lives. They require constant work, communication, growth, and trust.

That’s where we come in—to help you discover and explore the potential and possibilities of being together, doing things differently, and moving forward with positivity.


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At The Therapy Space we aim to create a safe and comfortable environment so you are able to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences during our time together.

No matter what you’re going through, we’re here to provide you with insight, support, and new strategies necessary to live the life you deserve. If you’re ready to make the most of your life, we’re here to help you take responsibility, develop greater self-awareness, and create true change.

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Common Questions.

Couples therapy can help you and your partner identify areas in the relationship that create conflict, and this leads to understanding each other better by listening to needs, and developing better communication skills.

Couples therapy can help you and your partner grow in many ways. It helps you both to identify feelings that you may be having about yourselves, or each other. These need need to be shared so you can understand each other and develop better communication skills. It’s important for both of you to know what’s happening in your experience that can make being together challenging, and how you can move from conflict and pain to being more supportive of each other. Couples counseling can help you identify needs, for your partner and yourself, and how you can respect and provide for those needs. You will both develop an understanding of how you trigger each other, and identifying these patterns will help you both work more skillfully to enhance intimacy and work through conflict with less angst.

Your first couples session is usually 90 minutes and allows you, your partner and the therapist to discuss your goals as a couple, and concerns you and your partner are experiencing. This helps the therapist understand the couple dynamic and what patterns are in play that create conflict and emotional disconnection. The therapist will ask you questions about your relationship to help provide the guidance needed to change behavioral patterns and support healthy ways of communication. This leads to developing a better understanding of what triggers the emotional pain and navigate through it differently, with less conflict and more intimacy. There are times when couples find themselves in a place where the process is more about discovering if the relationship is something they want, for whatever reasons, it’s about a space to explore the needs of each person and see where the process leads, towards more intimacy or separation. In looking deeply at the dynamic, it can help determine if the relationship is in alignment with your values, and individual needs that supports your process and ability to have a fulfilling connection.

Couples therapy is very effective to enhance intimacy in the relationship or can help you realize this relationship may not be right for you anymore. A therapists job is to help you and your partner recognize the patterns in the relationship and how you both work together to create a greater connection or separate with more clarity and resolution that the relationship is no longer working for the two of you. Couples therapy is a process and as you observe what’s happening within you and how you can work with yourself, it provides the information you need to make decisions that lead to outcomes you may not have expected. Either way, therapy can be very beneficial and provide insight to help you resolve the struggles and conflicts that can cause pain.

Let’s get you on track toward genuine healing and growth so you can live a more resilient, and happier life.