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Who we are

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At Therapy Space, we are a group of highly skilled, compassionate, and experienced therapists operating out of Jupiter, Florida. Our goal is to help individuals through challenges they face in their lives to arrive at a state of personal truth and inner peace. Our dedicated online therapists operate out of Jupiter and are available to the greater South Florida area.

While life is constantly throwing curveballs and difficult situations at us, we know that each individual has the ability to find healing and personal reconnection. Even though obstacles attempt to hinder our life’s progress, we help others to overcome their situations and find freedom, peace, and joy.

If you or someone you know is struggling with common or uncommon issues such as anxiety, grief, depression, trauma, pain, or any other difficult situations, our therapy experts here in Jupiter can certainly assist.

Why Choose Us

Learn how to access your feelings and manage your emotions

Our daily struggles are often linked to life-changing moments from our pasts that can be completely overlooked as to how impactful they were. Past traumas are often the reasons that feelings like anxiety, depression, discomfort, or debilitation in various ways.

Our therapy experts right here in Jupiter can help you uncover issues that stem from past occurrences, and develop the skills needed to catch any new issues in their beginning stages before they become overwhelming. And, when overwhelming and unmanageable feelings do hit the surface, we can work through them with you to get back to your normal self as quickly as possible. 

Our therapists use traditional therapy and other productive techniques such as body awareness, self-regulation, and mindfulness to help you establish a better self-control over your own feelings, thoughts, and issues. Therapy can contribute to a more positive life outlook, and we would love to help you get to a better place!


Our therapists employ the highest standards and ethics code around patient confidentiality.


Our therapists have a combined 50+ years of counseling experience, consistently attend new trainings, and remain up-to-date with industry best practices.


With flexible booking times and many geographic demands, you can be sure that you receive the counseling you need when you need it.

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Guidance and support for self-discovery. ​

Self-discovery is such an important healing process that therapy can provide to help you gain clarity and insights with your own thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors. Learning how our issues affect ourselves and those around us is a vital piece of self-discovery. 

The process is a journey, allowing you to begin to listen to the intuitive inner voice that is pushing you in a positive direction. The process of self-discovery through therapy with our Miami experts organically reveals the skills needed to be developed. These skills can then be practiced and strengthened to experience balance, stability, and peace.